Even the media hates the media

Image from Flickr.

New York magazine has a terrific cover package this week: “The Case Against the Media. By the Media.”

The magazine talked to more than 100 journalists about the problems with modern journalism, leaving a small window at the end for what’s promising. (Essentially, even with all the financial problems of the industry, the Internet has expanded access.)

Several quotes caught my eye. First, from David Simon:

The problem for journalism is: Our actual problems are bigger, more complicated, more sprawling and complex, than good guys and bad guys. I don’t take any issue with the press attending to conflict. That’s Job One, actually. But the simplicity of the narrative is incredibly debilitating.

Also, from David Auerbach:

When the media says, Why are we getting so much criticism and abuse? Well, it’s because you are constantly kicking the hornet’s nest to get clicks. You’re publishing stuff purely for the sake of provoking your readers.

And Tucker Carlson:

The real problem with journalism is groupthink. My father was a journalist — he never graduated from high school, he joined the Marines as a 17-year-old and then went to work at the L.A. Times. It was not a profession; it was a trade, and you had a whole diverse field of people entering it.

Lots of food for thought, and well worth reading.


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