Random ramblings

Image from alicejanewoods.wordpress.com.

As I recover from a really painful lower-back strain (host’s note: careful how you turn over in bed at 4 a.m. when you think you’ve started recovering from a lower-back strain), a few odds and ends:

(Incidentally, I had no idea Ted Koppel was now contributing to CBS.)

  • I’m about halfway through “Krakatoa,” Simon Winchester’s chronicle of the 1883 volcanic cataclysm, and the damned peak still hasn’t blown its top. C’mon, let’s get the Irwin Allen stuff going!
  • Do millennials understand what “West Germany” and “East Germany” were?
  • Manuel’s Tavern continues to progress towards Saturday’s re-opening. From the bar’s official Facebook account:

Hmm. A beer. That sounds awfully good right now.


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