On Goodness and Boringness

I love this story, reposted from another blog. Think about the Bill Foeges, not the Donald Trumps.


I once had dinner with a man who’s been crucially instrumental in saving the lives of 150,000,000 people. 150,000,000 and counting, mind you.

No, not 150. Not 150 thousand. One hundred and fifty million.

Can’t wrap your head around that? I’ll help. Here’s a representation of 600 people. First, go through and give each individual silhouette a name: Aarav, Abadom, Abaeze, Abayomi, Abedi, Advik … Next, to reach 150 million, all you have to do is imagine this image repeated 250,000 times, while you assign unique names to each figure.


And I’m not even counting the number of people he’s helped save from terrible scarring and disfigurement.

Huh? What’s Bill Foege like? Oh, he seemed like a nice guy. Modest. Soft-spoken. By the standards of our Facebook-Twitter-Instagram era, of reality shows and self-help books, of 24/7 self-promotion, he’s maybe just a tad boring.

Here’s the story:

In 1966, 7056_loresthere were approximately 10 to…

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