Bring back Carnation Breakfast Bars!

Image from Pinterest.
Wrote this for Extra Crispy. Here’s the nut graf, so to speak:

Let me tell you: There were few things more satisfying than a Carnation Breakfast Bar and a tall glass of ice-cold milk. A friend of mine used to joke they were essentially Snickers bars with vitamins sprayed on, but he was wrong. They were more like Whatchamacallit bars with vitamins sprayed on: oats, chopped nuts, and perhaps some puffed rice (and chocolate chips in the chocolate chip flavor), bound together with a touch of corn syrup and surrounded by chocolate.

I hope this prompts Carnation — now part of Nestle — to bring back this most renowned of breakfast foods. I am not alone in this hope.

And yes, I’m also serious about the Hires Root Beer. Though Dr Pepper Snapple has this page for the product, good luck finding it in your local supermarket.


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