What’s going on in ‘Judge Parker’?

From ComicsKingdom.
When last we checked in with “Judge Parker” — from which the actual Judge Parker retired many years ago and now only pops up long enough to flog his screenplay — Sophie appeared to be hanging from a tree after the car she was riding in went over a cliff to avoid hitting a truck.

She may be dead; she may be semi-conscious and trying to force herself from drifting down the River Styx; she may be trying to remember chords to songs by Styx. (Presumably not “Too Much Time on My Hands.”) It was all resolutely unclear.

Since then, the Wise Cracking State P.D. has arrived, making fun of the truck driver’s name (Panini, prompting one guy to call him “Sandwich”) and wondering about a mysterious bag full of cash that was found at the scene. (Subplot! It couldn’t have belonged to the teenagers — they’d be lucky if their gig grossed three figures.) The police haven’t quite gotten to the car yet — a car that will almost certainly be full of dead teenagers, assuming they weren’t thrown clear.

(Cue up “Teen Angel.”)

Meanwhile, back at the Filthy Rich Ranch, Sam and Abbey are wondering why Sophie won’t answer her phone. And Neddy has gotten into an argument with Hunk Hank and he won’t be coming to the opening of their clothing design business because he’s moving to Alaska. And the phone keeps on ringing, and ringing, and ringing …

Something terrible is about to be announced. And you can be sure it won’t be Mary Worth giving the news.


4 thoughts on “What’s going on in ‘Judge Parker’?

  1. I am completely confused! Where is Sophie? Why did we cut to April? Now a sink hole had taken the containment units? Is this what ADD feels like?


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