Electric reviews for the Bolt

Image from Forbes.

I’m in no rush to buy a new car — I’ve still got payments on my current vehicle — but it’s good to read the (early) reviews of the Chevrolet Bolt, the company’s forthcoming electric compact car.

The Verge calls it “ordinary,” which writer Jordan Golson means as “a big compliment” — an electric car that doesn’t call attention to itself.

“Nicely done, GM,” added Wired’s Alex Davies.

Both writers noted that the Bolt didn’t break a sweat staying within its 238-mile charge on a 200-mile trip down the California coast — and neither did they, wondering about range anxiety or the impact of hills and air conditioning. (Of course, pleasant California weather helps.) The car was also comfortable and brisk, with quick acceleration and a spacious interior. It should even be able to take on the vaunted (and also forthcoming) Tesla Model 3.

Davies and Golson also observed that Chevy isn’t expecting record-breaking sales numbers for the car, which is a shame. (It will retail for about $30,000 after tax breaks.) In fact, with gasoline prices relatively low, Americans have been once again stocking up on SUVs. The current models aren’t as gas-guzzling as the previous generation, but it’s still depressing to see that hybrids, or even higher-mileage gas-powered sedans, aren’t taking their places.

As for me, I told myself that I was done with a pure gasoline car the last time I went shopping. It’s not that my old Accord got poor mileage — it would do in the mid-20s in the city and mid-30s on the highway — but living in Atlanta I was filling it up once a week, and I wanted to free myself (as much as possible) from the pump. So I got an Accord Hybrid, which sometimes tells me I have a full-tank range of 760 miles and routinely gets mileage ratings in the high 40s. I’m now filling up every other week, at most, and I couldn’t be happier.

Come, say, the early 2020s, and I’ll be ready for a full-on electric. And by then, I assume the auto companies will be more than ready for me.


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