We’ve got the fever, oh we’ve got the fever

Too much going on to write a long, reasoned blog entry, so I’ll keep it brisk.

With all the rancor around this election, I’ve been thinking about President Obama’s belief that the GOP “fever” (Charles P. Pierce prefers to call it “prion disease”) would break after the 2012 election. Instead of breaking, it became even worse.

The same has been true for the body politic as a whole. I see friends posting what they swear will be their last comments on the election because opinions are immediately met with insults. I see fury all around — perhaps it seems worse than it is in reality, because it’s in the interest of the news media to heighten conflict, but it’s there nonetheless. We retreat to our corners and only come out when our side is threatened.

Well, I can be as partisan as the next guy, but I’d also like problems to get addressed. Of course, that assumes we agree on the problems — and it’s in their interest that some people don’t.

Fever breaking? I think it’s going to keep burning for awhile.


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