A review of the reviews of the debate

Image from Reuters via Wired.

The debate ended a little less than 12 hours ago. By now, everyone — from the left and the right, from the MSM to folks on Twitter — has chimed in with their thoughts.

But hey, it’s the Internet — this is posterity. So let me add mine:

  • The alcohol was excellent. Thanks to my much more talented namesake, Todd Leopold, and his wonderful Silver Tree vodka. Smooth and pure, with just the right amount of bite. Made right here in the U.S.A., too.
  • The couch was comfortable. More than 10 years old and it still does the job.
  • The audio was a little dim. Perhaps I ran into the same problems as the guy who set up Donald Trump’s microphone? I’ll have to check the wiring today.
  • Oh, and the content. I thought Trump started fairly strongly with his anti-trade stand — though he didn’t say what he’d do to bring back manufacturing jobs that left, in some cases, during the Reagan administration — but Hillary kept her cool, despite not having a single sip of water the whole time. (That’s stamina!) After that, well, though I’d never use this word, but — you know, I just can’t do it. It’s inappropriate.

Gawd. Forty-one days to go. I’ll need to get more vodka.


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