What the hell is this shit?

Image from familist.ro.

The rains came yesterday and washed all the shit off the streets.

I wish. It didn’t even get it off the sidewalks.

We did get rain yesterday — finally — but my usual morning walk was also full of the usual morning dog shit. I had to constantly watch where I was walking, lest my steps take me into the path of some canine refuse.

I don’t blame the dogs. They’re just doing what comes naturally. I do blame their owners, who either let the dogs out on their own or fail to clean up after their pets.

(I suppose it could be strays. But I can’t get up a good head of indignation about strays.)

I’ve spouted off about this before on Facebook, and I realize that it’s just that — spouting off. The people who clean up after their dogs nod their heads in assent, and the people who don’t fail to see themselves in these words — assuming they read them at all.

So I’ll just have to keep stepping lively, looking at the ground when I should be looking at the trees or sky or other people, and checking my soles to make sure they haven’t gotten filled with feces.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to clean the catboxes.


2 thoughts on “What the hell is this shit?

    1. I have seen the same. And I know it’s from one of my neighbor’s dogs. I don’t call them on it because I don’t know which one — and I have great neighbors — but jeez, is it so hard?


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