Last night’s debate: Lukewarm take

It’s been more than 12 hours since the debate, so all the hot takes have been taken. Consider this, then, a lukewarm take:

  • Hillary Clinton was her usual self — usually focused, occasionally dodging, definitely prepared. Of all of her answers, I was most impressed with her response to abortion and women’s rights. You could hear this was an issue she not only knew inside and out but also felt in her soul. This was not the cautious and technocratic Clinton. Slate is right: This is why we need more women in politics.

This is about women, about us. It’s one of the major differences between this presidential election cycle and every other one. When men discuss abortion among themselves, as they do in far too many policy discussions, it takes on a detached air of philosophical principles. When Clinton’s on the stage, it becomes about flesh and blood: women’s bodies and their most private, sacred rights to determine the courses of their own lives.

  • Donald Trump started strongly — you could tell he’d actually prepared for this debate — but the man is incapable of letting a slight go. As with previous debates, when Clinton inserted the needle, Trump reacted. He even responded when Clinton pointed out that he was upset that he hadn’t won an Emmy for “The Apprentice.” Does he have a sense of humor about anything?

Though not the one in “A Sound of Thunder.” Please.


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