Sunday read: ‘We’re just being the eyes and ears of the Border Patrol’

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Who’s watching the border?

If it’s the Mexican border, it’s not just U.S. government agents. It’s also local militias like the one Shane Bauer of Mother Jones joined.

In his article “Undercover With a Border Militia,” today’s Sunday read, Bauer talks about his experiences with the Three Percent United Patriots (3UP), named for the belief that 3 percent of colonists overthrew the British in the American Revolution — and 3 percent of today’s Americans will be responsible for the “restoration of the Founders’ Republic.”

They don’t believe it will be long before that day comes.

Like most militiamen, they believe societal collapse is imminent. There are many theories about what will make the “Shit Hit The Fan.” Some believe it will be economic collapse. It could be civil unrest provoked by Black Lives Matter. It could be a natural disaster. It could be a government attempt to disarm gun owners and impose martial law. While many in the broader “patriot” movement prepare for that day to arrive, members of 3UP see themselves as men of action, sheepdogs in a nation of blind, ignorant sheep.

They’re an interesting group. Bauer’s group goes by names such as Pain, Ghost and Fifty Cal. (Bauer is “Cali.”) More widely, militia members say they helped out in Flint, Michigan, during the water crisis, but believe the “blue hats” of the UN are taking over. They distrust the Obama administration but have reported a misfit to the FBI. (“No crazies and no anarchists,” a member of the militia movement told Bauer.) Some are ex-U.S. military, well-trained and polished, though many states don’t allow the militias in which they participate.

(And don’t get them started on their ex-wives.)

And what are they doing in southern Arizona, down by the Mexican border?

“We’re just being the eyes and ears of the Border Patrol,” one member tells an official they meet.

It’s spooky and a little chilling — if you’re uncomfortable with the militia movement, anyway. Just hope the shit doesn’t hit the fan.

You can read Bauer’s story here. (Thanks to Your Tiny Daily for the tip.)



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