Your occasional ‘Judge Parker’ update


I don’t know what to make of today’s “Judge Parker.” Is that Sophie? I’ve already forgotten what she looks like. I guess it could be that cunning Honey. But isn’t Honey a blonde?

And how did she end up in the hospital? Weren’t the cops still going through the woods?

Well, I know it’s not Neddy. She’ll soon be hauled up on felony charges of negligence and skirting the permit process, since an upstanding corporate honcho wouldn’t have placed their factory — a shipping container! — over a sinkhole. Looks like money can buy you a lot of things, Spencer-Driver clan, but it can’t buy you ethics.

And then there’s that whole mess with the hitman and the mercenaries and …

Somebody tell me, why do I keep reading this strip? Hmm. Maybe it’s all a dream.


2 thoughts on “Your occasional ‘Judge Parker’ update

  1. This letter was in the Post yesterday regarding the strip -–what-happened-to-mark-trail-and-judge-parker/2016/10/27/fd101fe4-9afc-11e6-b552-b1f85e484086_story.html?utm_term=.29da6110f0d9


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