We interrupt this blog for signs of the apocalypse

Image from AP via Business Insider.

Cubs win! Cubs win! After a 108-year drought, the Chicago Cubs are World Champions!

What could be wrong with that?

Well, it could be a sign of the End Times — at least if you’re a Democrat, or someone who doesn’t trust a certain orange-haired bankruptcy expert running for president.

Consider the following:

  • The last time the Cubs won the World Series, the GOP won the White House. Yes, it was 1908, but a sign is a sign. Incidentally, that winner was William Howard Taft, and when he sat around the White House, he sat AROUND the White House. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

On the other hand, there’s good news for Hillary Clinton. Going back to 1924, whenever a World Series has gone seven games, an NL team’s win favors the Democrats.

Also, Clinton grew up in Chicago — though she famously cheered for the Yankees when running for U.S. Senate. Hope that doesn’t hurt you, Hillary.

At least you don’t have to worry about the Richard J. Daley machine. Because, after all, the longtime Chicago mayor was a White Sox fan.


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