Really, ‘Judge Parker’? ‘Three months’ later? THREE MONTHS LATER?


Let me get this straight: The world of “Judge Parker” has gone to hell, and suddenly the strip skips three months into the future.

In today’s strip, we find Hank and Neddy sitting in snow-covered Alaska, with a moose haunting their rustic cabin.

Hank has a beard. Neddy is mourning … something. Sophie has apparently disappeared, not died. The moose isn’t talking.

Sunday’s strip was barely more detailed plotwise, except for a strange reference to “Dad” (that would be Sam Driver) being “so … you know …” (Nice art by Mike Manley, though.)

Now, keep in mind this jump — if you want to call it that (what does the East German judge have to say?) — follows a series of strips in which mysterious hitmen chatted with rising screenwriter Judge Parker; Sophie got into a vicious, cliff-diving car wreck when the driver swerved to avoid an oncoming truck in the rain; some wisecracking cops smelled something fishy with said truck driver; and Neddy, after building out a factory with a shipping container and a nice old unemployed couple whom she’d sideswiped with Hank’s motor home, watched her dream collapse into a literal sinkhole. (No word on the reaction of that superstar couple Neddy worked for.)

And now it’s three months later? Wha’ppen?

I assume writer Ces “Francesco” Marciuliano has some plot points up his sleeve –if his cat hasn’t peed on them — but I have to wonder if we’re going to end up in some kind of “Dallas” netherworld in which it was all a dream.

Listen, I’m already anxious enough thanks to this election campaign. I don’t need tsuris from “Judge Parker.” Let’s tie up some loose ends, Ces!

Either that, or tell me this election campaign was all a dream.


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