Sunday read: Some who can, do; others who can do better, teach (but get little respect)

Image from Shutterstock.

Teachers get a lot of crap in America. Either they’re “indoctrinating” their students or they’re failing them, because they’re overly permissive or incompetent or simply unable to keep up.

This is bullshit.

I’m biased, of course. My mother is a teacher. My wife is a teacher. I have many friends who are teachers. I teach, too. I know how hard everyone works and how much they care.

Sure, there are bad teachers. There are also bad businessmen and bad carny barkers and bad CEOs, too, but somehow they don’t get the vitriol teachers do — at least from certain politicians. Of course, those politicians haven’t had to do lesson plans and worry about students who haven’t eaten breakfast and have a crummy home life. (Yes, sometimes it takes a village — starting with parents, but including many of us.)

The best teachers are inspiring, especially given the odds. An article in Quanta magazine follows a handful of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers to see how they do it. Their lessons aren’t just for the students. And the story of one teacher — Channa Comer, who’s at a Bronx middle school — will break your heart.

Check it out. It’s my Sunday read.


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