I love the pictures here. I’ve never been to Geneva, but hope to go someday.

I was particularly curious about the big chair. I looked it up: It’s a sculpture called “Broken Chair” and it’s almost 40 feet high. It was built to symbolize opposition to land mines and cluster bombs, according to Wikipedia. Intriguing.

the nomads project

I spent a few days in Geneva in the middle of Autumn, while I was there I stayed at Hotel N’vY which was perfectly located right by the lake.

I mainly wandered around Geneva with no specific plan and since it was the middle of autumn everything looked beautiful and so I spent a lot of time walking through parks.

The autumn colours were breathtaking.

I did visit the UN and the WTO but I didn’t have time to go inside. If you visit Geneva you can pre book tours so you don’t miss out.

Like many European cities Geneva has an old town full of beautiful buildings.

I went to see the Jet d’eau however I arrived on the first day of a month of maintenance so it wasn’t running.The lake is stunning from wherever you choose to view it.

I could see the lake from my bathroom…

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