Sunday read: French toast on the toilet

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The Snow Scare of 2017 made me think of the classic evergreen article my friend Lisa Respers France wrote a couple years back.

In it, she answers the burning question: Why, when bad winter weather approaches, do people buy four staples: bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper?

Well, toilet paper is obvious. You don’t want to be relying on the 1966 Sears catalog when the power’s out and the cabinet is bare.

But bread? Milk? Eggs? Why not jugs of water (a favorite of hurricane preparation)? A case of beer? A box of Ding Dongs? Those amazing Japanese cans of food that cook themselves?

Lisa, putting her investigative chops to work, found the answers. The result is my Sunday read. It’s a short one, but so much fun — because it’s Lisa, and because it’s about French toast.

So the next time you feel a blizzard coming on, read this. You can even read it in the bathroom. Please eat your French toast in the kitchen, though.


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