Belated Sunday read: What’s everyone clicking on?

Image from for the three people — including me — who a) actually read physical newspapers and b) own an elaborate pen.

Whoops! I didn’t have a Sunday read prepared this morning. So let’s just go to the vox populi and see what the Internets are yammering about. Here are the most-read stories on a variety of sites:

The Atlantic: I Was a Muslim in Trump’s White House. Rumana Ahmed talks about what it was like to be one of many enemies of the people — even as she tried to bring down those other enemies, the ones from other countries threatening America, as a National Security Council staffer. Chilling paragraph:

The climate in 2016 felt like it did just after 9/11. What made it worse was that this fear and hatred were being fueled by Americans in positions of power. Fifth-grade students at a local Sunday school where I volunteered shared stories of being bullied by classmates and teachers, feeling like they didn’t belong here anymore, and asked if they might get kicked out of this country if Trump won. I was almost hit by a car by a white man laughing as he drove by in a Costco parking lot, and on another occasion was followed out of the metro by a man screaming profanities: “Fuck you! Fuck Islam! Trump will send you back!”

The New York Times: Trump Intensifies His Attacks on Journalists and Condemns F.B.I. ‘Leakers.’ One wonders who’s calling all those journalists and saying outrageous things. Perhaps it’s John Barron?

Slate: Fox News Interviews Fake Expert on Sweden to Warn About Immigration Threat. Apparently a guest on Bill O’Reilly’s show wasn’t really a “Swedish Defense and National Security Adviser.”

Rolling Stone: Bill Paxton, Versatile ‘Big Love,’ ‘Twister’ Actor, Dead at 61. Paxton was great in pretty much anything he was in. Let’s also give shout-outs to “One False Move” and the underrated “Apollo 13,” the latter — in my view — Ron Howard’s best movie.

BBC: Warren Buffett upbeat on US business growth. The Oracle of Omaha praised “a tide of talented and ambitious immigrants” and said “babies born in America today are the luckiest crop in history” in his annual letter.

Also in the news: the death of Judge Joseph Wapner, the Mardi Gras parade accident in New Orleans (the driver of the runaway pickup truck had a blood-alcohol level of .232), and the Oscars.

Your regularly scheduled Sunday read will return next week.


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