Your occasional ‘Judge Parker’ update: Was Ces giving up?


I didn’t expect “Judge Parker” to turn into a Quentin Tarantino movie, but that’s the comparison that came to mind after I read Sunday’s strip, featuring two characters pointing guns at each other. Two women, yet.

But there was also a sense of fatigue revealed in a bit of meta-dialogue between those two characters, Sophie’s kidnappers. (I’m still thinking, “kidnapping”? What about the car crash? Was that part of the plan? Awfully destructive if all you wanted to do was kidnap Sophie.) Early on, one character tells the other, “You never had a handle on this plot!”

I can’t help but think that’s writer Francesco “Ces” Marciuliano talking to us, the readers.

I’m not the only one with this feeling; some commenters on the Arizona Republic website had the same idea (and many expressed it hilariously).

Because how the hell are you going to resolve all these plot strands? You’ve got Judge Parker writing a screenplay and somehow involved with mobsters. You’ve got Sophie and her band riding on a rainy mountain road and sailing off a cliff. You’ve got Sam Driver … hell, I’m not even sure what Sam Driver is doing.

It had all gotten as out of control as Sophie’s band’s car.

The plot wasn’t entirely Ces’ doing. He was handed a lot of these bits by his predecessor, Woody Wilson. Thanks, Woody!

Well, now the kidnappers are (presumably) dead (nice bit of “Watchmen” blood there, Mike Manley), the surviving band members are talking to the cops and Sam can presumably shave off his beard. I’d still like to find out what happened to Honey, the subject of a surprisingly moving strip a few months ago, but I guess “Judge Parker” will get around to that soon enough.

You’re free, Ces!



One thought on “Your occasional ‘Judge Parker’ update: Was Ces giving up?

  1. Disparate plot strands that wander around and take forever to get where they’re going can be a pretty effective narrative technique. Does Game of Thrones ring a bell?

    This is about the journey, not about getting to the end so you can start something else. I’m finding it pretty interesting, and it hasn’t lost its way at all. It’s just getting warmed up.

    Don’t worry. April will eventually be back, killing people in her underwear. Meanwhile, let’s see what Sophie and Neddy’s red-headed cousin has in mind.

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